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“What are vendors?”
Vendors are wholesale suppliers that offer items at wholesale prices. For example, if you see a dress online or in a physical store that cost $30, a vendor may offer that same dress for $5. This allows you “the retailer” to make a pretty good profit. Our vendor lists provides access to popular retail items at wholesale prices.

“How does this work?”

Once you’ve decided on a “niche” you’d like to sell, simply purchase your wholesale vendor list package. Each list has multiple wholesale vendors who hold several items at different prices for you to choose from. After choosing a vendor, you can start the process of ordering products for your business!!!
We do not carry any physical items on our site. All vendor lists are instantly sent to the email you provide before purchasing.

“Do your vendors ship internationally?”
Yes the majority of the vendors on the list will ship internationally.

“I cannot access the file I just purchased”

Please allow up to 10 min to receive your files. If the problem is not fixed, please contact us and we will provide assistance as soon as possible. Our goal is to help you build a successful business!!

“I don't have a seller's permit or business license. Will I still be able to use your vendor lists?”

Yes!!! All of our lists have vendors that require permits and vendors that do not require permits.

“Do I need a business license or permit?”

You do not have to, but it is helpful to have one. To reach a higher level of success in the retail industry you’ll eventually need one simply for supply and demand.  

“I purchased a list but can’t find the item that I am looking for, what should I do?”
Contact the vendor about what you are looking for. Send a picture or description and they’ll let you know what they have.

“Do I Need a WhatsApp?”

Yes. It is an essential form of communication, especially for international vendors. It is easy to use and most of our vendor lists come with a complimentary guide of contacting vendors.

“What to do if I message someone on WhatsApp and they do not respond.”
Remember, International vendors are in a different time zone.  Midday your time may be midnight their time. Just be mindful about what time it is in your vendor’s location. Also allow between 24 to 48 hours for a response as these are all verified vendors.

“The links aren't working when I click on them.”
The links are clickable on most devices, but if not please copy and paste your links.